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grammar 1

Describing data

1. Look at the sentences below from the reading. Enter the main verb and verb tense for each one.

Sentence Main verb Tense
 J Sainsbury plc is the UK's third largest grocery retailer with a market share of about 16% and a customer base of some 28 million. is present simple
a. Revenue in the financial year 2009 was just under 19 billion, an increase of 6% over 2008.
b. Profits in 2009 were 673 million, 27% higher than 2008.
c. The company has a range of some 30,000 products which it sells through supermarkets and convenience stores.
d. Sainsbury's grew from a single grocery shop, which opened in 1869, to become the UK's leading retailer in the 1980s.
e. The company's dominant position was, however, successfuly challenged by Tesco in the 1990s and Asda in the 2000s.
f. These two retailers now occupy first and second positions respectively in the market. 
g. Moreover, both Tesco and Asda are significantly more profitable than Sainsbury's, as is the smaller but rapidly growing Morrisons.