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Sainsbury's food products

Pre-reading questions 

Let me see, organic couscous, Château La Croix and The Guardian. 123 Waitrose man
Aldi ladies 123 Great prices, shame about the eye-contact.


1. Complete the following quiz about food shopping (Your answers are not stored or marked).

   a  b
a. When I buy food, the most important factor is (a) high quality (b) low price.
b.  I prefer to shop at a store which has (a) plenty of aisle space and friendly staff (b) lots of discounted products.
c. When I buy food I look out for (a) Fairtrade products (b) bargains.
d. Supermarkets should (a) help protect the environment (b) keep prices as low as possible.
e. Supermarkets should (a) pay a fair price to farmers (b) drive a hard bargain to keep prices low.


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