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Business and economics: the publishing industry


The internet killed the newspapers and the iPad will kill books, or so it is commonly believed. In this unit you will discover that the truth is more complicated. You will also discover, hopefully, that before accepting commonly held beliefs, it's worth finding out the facts for yourself. 123 Orson Welles as Citizen Kane Citizen Kane. From the original movie trailer.


Before carrying out the exercises for each section, you should download and study the associated pdf file. If you are a registered student, and logged-in, your answers will be recorded. When you have finished the section, your teacher will mark and return your work.

Section one: reading ReadingPDF Start the reading exercises
Section two: listening ReadingPDF Start the listening exercises
Section two: grammar ReadingPDF Start the grammar exercises
Section two: vocabulary ReadingPDF Start the vocabulary exercises
Section two: writing ReadingPDF Start the writing exercises