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grammar 1

Tenses and verb phrases 


1. For each sentence, enter the verb phrase, tense/aspect/voice (tav). and its meaning - not the meaning of the verb. For example, the present continuous is used, in sentence 0, to describe a changing situation.

Sentence Verb phrase Tense/aspect/voice Meaning
 Newspapers are adopting a variety of strategies.
a. Between 1995 and 2003 sales fell by 5%.
b. The Courant was launched in 1702.
c. For over 250 years, newspapers monopolised the news media.
d. It has been predicted that at current rates of decline . . . .
e. The last edition of the last newspaper will be printed . . . .
f. Some market segements are defying the downward trend.
g. The Financial Times has been able to maintain profits.
h. Increased literacy rates will act as a prompt to sales.
i. It appears likely that an overall decline in sales . . .