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Psychology: why do we obey?

Would you commit murder just because a person in authority asked you to? If the experimental work of psychologist Stanley Milgram is anything to go by, then it seems that for most of us the answer is yes. This unit examines the psychology of obedience and looks for some theoretical explanation of the apparent willingess of a majority of people to suspend moral judgement and commit attrocities.


Before carrying out the exercises for each section, you should download and study the associated pdf file. If you are a registered student, and logged-in, your answers will be recorded. When you have finished the section, your teacher will mark and return your work.

Section one: reading ReadingPDF Start the reading exercises
Section two: listening ReadingPDF Start the listening exercises
Section three: grammar ReadingPDF Start the grammar exercises
Section three: vocabulary ReadingPDF Start the vocabulary exercises
Section four: writing ReadingPDF Start the writing exercises