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Psychology: why do we obey?

Pre-reading questions 


Two-year old Emanuel and five-year old Avram Rosenthal from the Kovno ghetto in Lithuania. They were taken by the Nazis in March 1944, along with 2500 other children, to the Majdanek concentration camp in Poland where they were killed. It is likely that they were gassed and their bodies then burned. (US Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Click the picture to watch the video and then answer the question. Listen carefully to the commentary in order to determine who the film makers seek to balme for the events portrayed.

For more information about the Nazis see 'The Holocaust' in the Library.
123 children with yellow stars Hitchcock et al (1945, 1985) 'The Holocaust' WGBH Educational Foundation. Boston.


1. Who do the film makers blame for the Holocaust?

123 a. The camps' SS guards
b. Hitler and the Nazis
c. All Germans