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writing 1

Introduction and hypothesis satement 


Compare the introduction to the reading in this unit and in unit one, and then answer the questions.

Unit 1
The first newspaper in the UK, The Courant was launched in 1702 and for over 250 years newspapers monopolised the news media (Newspaper Society 2010). This predominance now appears to be under threat from various internet based sources, referred to as new media (Guardian 2009). It has been predicted that, at current rates of decline, the last edition of the last newspaper will be printed in 2040 (Economist 2005a). This outlook may, however, be unduly pessimistic.

Unit 2
In the years following the Second World War a number of writers suggested that there was something different about the Germans (Poliakov 1979, Taylor 2001). The idea that German history had followed a special path (der Sonderweg) had been popular in the German speaking world since the 19th century. The Germans, it was held, had benefitted from an enlightened authoritarianism, a superior middle-way between the brutality of Russian autocracy and the decadence of British and French democracy (Hinde 1988: 934). The experience of the Holocaust spawned a distinctly darker version of der Sonderweg in which it was claimed that the German people had been progressively conditioned into obedience since the Reformation. In particular the journalist and historian William Shirer, whose history of Nazism was a million best-seller, claimed that obedience to authority had become ‘ingrained in the German mind’ (Shirer 1971: 92).


1. For unit 1 and unit 2, which of the follwong are true? Tick all that apply.

  unit 1 unit 2
a. It contains historical narrative.
b. It contains a hypothesis statement.
c. The hypothesis statement is part of the historical narrative.
d. The hypothesis statement is based on data.
e. It is possible to devise an experiment which may support or falsify the hypothesis statement. 
f. The hypothesis statement is temporally falsifiable.


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